Kuijjer Lab

New publication

March 12, 2024

We recently published a Research Briefing in Nature Computational Science, in which we describe our recent paper on SCORPION, a new gene regulatory reconstruction algorithm for single-cell data.

    The Briefing can be found here. The original publication can be found here. For more details, please also refer to the publications section.
Schematic example of a comparative gene regulatory network analysis with SCORPION. Single-cell RNA-seq counts from the same cell type are processed in SCORPION. The initial step involves de-sparsification of the input matrix to enhance the generation of a more accurate coexpression network (CO-EXPR). This coexpression network is then combined with existing knowledge on gene regulation (TF-MOTIF and PPI) using a message passing algorithm. Each sample yields a network with a consistent structure, capturing weighted relationships that contribute to the observed gene expression disparities. The resulting networks are prepared for comparison across experimental groups.