Kuijjer Lab

Open positions

We have a 3-year postdoctoral position available through the Marie Curie Scientia Fellows II program. We are looking for a candidate with experience in network science, computational biology, or cancer genomics to explore network metrics and topology in cancer, and to integrate networks with cancer `omics data (research fitting in line with Section 2 of our research program). The thematic area of this research program is Computational Biology, and the subfield is Network Medicine. You can find more information on how to apply on the call's website. Please contact the lab using our contact form to discuss your CV and the project. The application is due on August 20 and must be submitted through the JobbNorge application portal, but we will start interviewing candidates from mid-late June.

In addition, we are always interested in welcoming enthusiastic and outstanding students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral fellows. Please use the contact form on our website to send us a message.