Kuijjer Lab

Open positions

We have one open position:

  • Postdoc at FIMM (Application deadline May 31, 2024): We have a 2.5-year funded postdoctoral fellow position available in spatial transcriptional regulation through Nordic EMBL's NORPOD postdoctoral program. This is a collaboration with Anniina Färkkilä's group at FIMM.

    The project aims to understand the spatial transcriptional regulation of tumor cell states that drive chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. In candidate we will integrate multiplexed single-cell spatial proteomics, transcriptomics and chromatin states using unique novel spatial technologies and deep learning methods developed in the Kuijjer group. The two EMBL groups have highly synergistic approaches enabling an unprecedented analysis and exploitation of rich spatial multi-omics datasets generated in a unique prospective clinical trial. The results will pave the way for the development of more effective treatments for ovarian cancer patients.

    The NORPOD Fellow will be employed at the Färkkilä Lab (FIMM, University of Helsinki, Finland). To promote collaboration between the two labs, this position will involve short stays at the Kuijjer Lab (NCMM, University of Oslo, Norway). Successful candidates are expected to travel between the labs to conduct work required for the research project, foster synergies and advance our goals. Expenses related to the research visits will be covered.
In addition, we are always interested in welcoming enthusiastic and outstanding students. Please use the contact form on our website to send us a message.