Kuijjer Lab

New publication and Biorxiv pre-print

March 12, 2021

We recently contributed to a new publication as well as a newly posted BioRxiv pre-print. The new publication in PLoS ONE done in collaboration with Ola Myklebost and Leonardo Meza-Zepeda's groups from the University of Bergen and Oslo, respectively. It involved high-throughput drug screening to discover novel candidates for treatment of liposarcoma. We contributed with bioinformatics analyses to identify potential biomarkers of drug response. The new BioRxiv pre-print was work by Victor Greiff's and Geir Kjetil Sandve's groups at the University of Oslo, who developed immuneML, a new platform for machine learning analysis of adaptive immune receptor repertoires. Ping-Han contributed with implementing a function to evaluate machine learning models as well as testing the tools. See also our lists of publications and pre-prints.