Kuijjer Lab


The Kuijjer group, summer 2022.

Marieke Kuijjer, PhD

Tatiana Belova, PhD

  • Researcher
  • Tatiana's project involves modeling and analysis of individual cancer patient networks
  • Tatiana joined the lab in June 2019

Ladislav Hovan, PhD

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Ladislav's project involves modeling spatially resolved regulatory networks
  • Ladislav joined the lab in June 2022

Ping-Han Hsieh, MSc

  • PhD student
  • Ping-Han's project involves developing and improving network inference tools
  • Ping-Han joined the lab in May 2019

Romana Pop, MSD

  • PhD student
  • Romana's project involves developing tools to integrate gene regulatory networks with other `omics data types
  • Romana joined the lab in November 2020

Giulia Schito, BSc

  • PhD student
  • Giulia's project involves analysis of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory networks in breast cancer
  • Giulia joined the lab as a PhD student in January 2022
  • Previously, Giulia was an ERASMUS Master's student in the group (2020-2021)

Saikat Das Sajib, MSc (UiT)

  • Co-supervised PhD student at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
  • Saikat works in the group of Erik Kuntsen
  • Saikat's project involves studying breast cancer metastasis using single-cell approaches
  • Saikat joined the group as co-supervised student in February 2022

Debora Meijer, MSc (LCCO)

  • Co-supervised PhD student at the LCCO
  • Debora works in the group of Judith Bovée at Leiden University Medical Center on the LCCO SarCOma project
  • Debora's project involves sarcoma genomics and gene regulation
  • Debora joined the LCCO and the group as co-supervised student in November 2020

Genís Calderer Garcia, BSc

  • Research Assistant
  • Genís' project involves developing new approaches for comparative network analysis
  • Genís joined the lab as a Research Assistant in August 2021
  • Previously, Genís was Research Assistant (summer 2020) and visiting ERASMUS summer student (summer 2019)

Gabriel Stav, BSc

  • Master's thesis student
  • Gabriel's project is focused on network analysis approaches for Hi-C data
  • Gabriel is co-supervised by Jonas Paulsen (IBV, UiO)
  • Gabriel joined the lab as a Master's student in January 2022

Joel Rodriguez Herrera

  • Bachelor's student in Genomic Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Joel's project focuses on modeling promoter-enhancer interactions with message passing approaches
  • Joel's project is a shared project with Anthony Mathelier's group at NCMM
  • Joel joined the Mathelier and Kuijjer labs in August 2022

Ismael Manzanares García

  • Erasmus+ summer student from the University of Granada, Spain
  • Ismael's project is focused on deconvolution of bulk breast cancer data
  • Ismael joined the lab as a summer student in June 2022

Bror Johannes Tidemand Ruud

  • Student from IBV/UiO
  • Bror's project focuses on using regulatory networks for tumor deconvolution.
  • Bror joined the lab in July 2022


  • Theodor Midtbø Alstad (summer 2022). UiO:Life Science summer student
  • Kristine Lippestad (summer 2022). Summer student from NTNU
  • Annikka Polster, MD, PhD (2020-2022). Marie Curie Scientia Fellows II Postdoctoral fellow
  • Daniel Osorio, PhD (2021). Marie Curie Scientia Fellows II Postdoctoral fellow. Currently Postdoctoral Fellow in Stephen Yi's group at The University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Shanna Schneidewind (summer 2021). Bachelor's student in Bioengineering and Computer Science, University of Poitiers, France
  • Caroline Lunder Jensen, BSc (summer 2020): Master's student on UiO:Life Science summer project. Then PhD student at Oslo University Hospital
  • Tess Brunner (summer 2019): Undergraduate student in Biology, Wesleyan University, CT, USA. Co-mentored with Camila Lopes-Ramos. Then Research Technician in the Kwon lab at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, Harvard
  • Hallvard Wæhler, BSc (summer 2019): Master's student on UiO:Life Science summer project. Currently PhD student in Ragnhild Eskeland's group, IMB, UiO

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