Kuijjer Lab

New BioRxiv pre-print

April 04, 2022

We have a new BioRχiv pre-print, describing our latest tool retriever and its application to cancer. Retriever, which was developed by Daniel, integrates single-cell transcriptomes with drug response profiles to recommend drugs and drug combinations that can be used to revert disease profiles towards a more healthy-like state. In an application of retriever to triple-negative transcriptomes obtained from a large single-cell breast cancer atlas, we identified a combination of two kinase inhibitors that together specifically act on triple-negative cells. We found that this drug combination was likely to be effective in a large fraction of patients with triple-negative breast cancer. The BioRχiv pre-print can be found here. More information on the pre-print can be found here.

Retriever collapses transcriptional profiles across multiple treatment lengths, drug concentrations, and cell lines corresponding to a disease-of-interest to obtain stable drug response profiles, which can then be used to recommend drugs based on single-cell transcriptomes obtained from a single-cell atlas or individual patients.